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Water Technology and Treatment

Minerals that are detrimental to appliances and water lines can be found in the wells and town water in the NW Corner of CT, areas of Massachusetts and New York. We offer a full line of water treatment systems to protect your home and family.

Well Pumps

No water? Give us a call. With our pump truck, specialized with a crane system for pulling deep well pumps, we will come out and get your water back on to your house or business. See images of the truck below.

We also stock the common submersible and jet pumps in our warehouse for emergency use.

Water Storage

Running out of water all of the time. Have a low yielding well. We have solutions to fit your needs. From typical well tanks in your basement to large storage systems for large buildings or irrigation, we can customize a system to provide the right amount of water for your everyday needs.

Flexlite brand tanks are kept in our warehouse for emergencies or routine upgrades.

Booster Pumps

Is your water pressure low, do you have town water? Give us a call today to price out a compatible system for your residence.

Give us a call for:

Iron Filters

Water Softeners


Reverse Osmosis

Whole House Filters