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Ductless Installation

Have an electric home? Need a solution to hot and humid weather? Have no room for a central AC system with ductwork? If you fall under any of these categories, a high efficiency Mitsubishi or Daikin ductless system is right for you. These units have really taken off in the last few years and we have installed over 50 in the past two years alone in residences, schools and businesses.


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Advantages of ductless heat


pump systems

1. They save you money!

Recently across the country electricity rates have skyrocketed. Older HVAC systems are inefficient and monthly costs to heat and cool your home or business can quickly climb out of control. These systems are smaller than traditional forced air systems and they deliver the warm or cooled air directly into a room, with no loss. They are also more efficient than window units and the cost savings will be evident immediately upon installation of a ductless system.

2. Indoor air quality improvement

With traditional AC systems, many years of dust and pollen can collect within the ductwork and air filters. Air filters can be changed annually and the ductwork can be professionally cleaned every few years, but if not maintained, the air quality in your home can be worse than outdoor air. These heat pump systems offer multi-stage filtration that can help reduce the pollen, dust, and other particulates in the air the cause allergies. These unts have a filter that can be washed annually.

3. Flexible Installation and Lower Labor Costs

With traditional AC systems, walls and ceilings have to be opened up or framed to fit trunks of ductwork that go to all rooms that need to be cooled. With a ductless system, a small 3 inch hole needs to be cut in a wall for the line set to be piped through from the indoor evaporator to the condenser unit outside. See the following images for what the indoor and out door units look like with the line set running in between.

These systems are often referred to as split systems, and allow multiple heads (evaporators) to heat and cool different rooms with one outdoor condenser that can be mounted on a wall or the ground and be hidden by landscaping.

Cassette Unit Option: If you don't like the look of the unit on the inside wall, these systems offer a cassette unit style where you only see a register and very little ductwork is required, inquire about these units when you call!