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Fixtures / out door showers / seasonal homes / features

Many summer cottages need the water to be drained and non-toxic antifreeze added to the system in the fall and be reinstated in the spring. We provide this service and even add an additional component for some larger, more complicated water systems. The air compressor! We hook it up with valves to one end of water lines and with forced air, blow the last droplets that could cause freezing out of the pipes.

Ever dreamed of having an outdoor shower? We can make that a reality. See the outdoor shower we install at a twin lakes camp.

Renovating your bathroom?

Want a new kitchen faucet?

Want to pick out new fixtures?

Check out the Plimpton and Hills Waterware Show Room in Great Barrington Massachusetts. Their sales team works closely with the Perotti's to plan your new installation or replacement of everything from toilets to tubs.

The brands that we install, but not limited to, include:


Sign of the Crab





American Standard